Followers of Jesus follow his example and pray. But prayer is a wonderful mystery that many times is filled with more questions than answers. In keeping with the first disciples, we find ourselves saying, "Lord, teach us to pray" (Luke 11:1). 

This training page provides articles, handouts, and training videos on the topic of prayer. You can access training resources below or contact MinistryLift to discuss training options or resourcing ideas.  

MinistryLift hosted a conference in 2014 with a dedicated track on prayer. MinistryLift members can access the video recordings by clicking on the workshop title. The videos can also be watched for a fee (click here for more info).

"Prayer is a Love Relationship with God" - Dr. Alvin Vander Griend
Prayer is intimacy with God that leads to fulfilment of his purposes. Learning to love to pray is not so much a matter of trying harder as it is a matter of delighting in God and participating in his love ventures in our world. You can learn to love to pray. 
78 min | Oct 2014 | Watch the videoHandout 

Something Always Happens When We Pray" - Dr. Alvin Vander Griend
God gives interceding believers great responsibility for what happens in the world. When we pray in the name of Jesus, the work of Christ gets done, because our prayers release his power and grace into the lives of those we pray for. Christ, who is at the Father's right hand, has promised to hear and answer our prayers so that he may bring glory to the Father.
75 min | Oct 2014 | Watch the video | Handout

"Becoming a Prayer-Devoted Church" - Dr. Alvin Vander Griend
Christ intended his church to be devoted to prayer. The early church, planted in his name and by his disciples, was devoted to prayer. Prayer kept the disciples connected to Christ and focused on his purposes. In this session you will learn how to develop increased devotion to prayer in your local church, what your church will gain by devotion to prayer, and what may hinder you in the process.
73 min | Oct 2014 | Watch the video | Handout 

"Prayer Ministry in the Local Church" - Nikki White
As a "contextual charismatic", Nikki seeks to demystify the process of "hands-on" personal prayer ministry, integrating this practice into different cultural and ecclesiastical settings, and focusing upon the practical application of the spiritual gifts in everyday life. Her approach is based on an exegesis of the Great Commission, the model of the Lord's Prayer, relevant anecdotes, and common sense.
81 min | Oct 2014 | Watch the video | HandoutPowerPoint   


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Personal Handpicked Provision - the story of a mother helping her 12-year-old daughter listen to God 
Listening for God's Voice - 5 common ways that people hear God's voice

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Dr. Randy Wollf
 is Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Leadership Studies at MB Seminary (Langley, BC campus) and Director of MinistryLift. Randy has also served as a pastor, church planter, church council moderator, and missionary. He has experience leading prayer retreats and helping people hear from God.