MinistryLift provides professional development and ministry training through MB Seminary, the national seminary of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. MinistryLift exists to help you build greater capacity to love God more deeply and serve others more effectively. 

MinistryLift builds capacity through workshops, training videos, articles, and other tools that leaders from over 290 churches and 34 denominations have found helpful. The MinistryLift team is not always portable, but most of the training is. Nearly every workshop option is recorded and uploaded onto the website so that MinistryLift members can access the material whenever they want to. Webinars are another way that people from across the country are able to engage in relevant training while connecting with other leaders who share similar joys and challenges.  

If you'd like a taste for what MinistryLift offers, you can subscribe to the MinistryLift blog and follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest. You can also see what MinistryLift specializes in by browsing through training topics and the video resources page (many resources are available, but video plays are restricted to MinistryLift members).  

Please contact MinistryLift if there's any way that we can resource you. We're always looking to develop more training and to serve churches. 

Keith Reed is the Director of MinistryLift. He earned his Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Trinity Western Seminary and then served as an associate pastor for eight years before joining the MinistryLift team (where he served for three years as the associate director before taking on the director role). During his time as a pastor, Keith oversaw discipleship, pastoral care, and ministry management. Keith and his wife have two young children and they live in Surrey.   


 Dr. Randy Wollf is the former Director of MinistryLift and Associate Professor of Leadership and Practical Theology at MB Seminary. Randy has his PhD in Educational Studies and a Master of Arts in Adult Education (University of British Columbia) as well as a Masters in Religious Education (Trinity Western Seminary). Before teaching at MB Seminary, Randy served for 20 years as a pastor, church planter, and missionary which gave him experiences that ranged from children's ministry and preaching to team building and strategic planning. Randy is the author of Navigating Church Politics and Maximum Discipleship in the Church. He and his wife have four children and their family lives in Langley. In 2016, the Trinity Western University Alumni Association presented Randy with their Servant Leadership Award