As cultural skepticism continues to increase, the need for wise apologetic responses becomes even more essential. MinistryLift partners with Apologetics Canada and the Institute for Christian Apologetics to offer training workshops and ministry resources to equip people to explain and defend the Christian faith. 

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Why Do People Stop Believing? by Dr. Paul Chamberlain 
Why do some strong advocates of the Christian faith―even those who once served as pastors and seminary professors―choose to abandon their faith and become advocates for atheism? What led to their decision and how can we dialogue with them in respectful and productive ways? Dr. Paul Chamberlain has been asking these very questions while completing his latest book on this very subject. His lecture includes a presentation based on his latest research and his interactions with leading thinkers on the topic. You can access Dr. Chamberlain's presentation notes here, purchase the video below, or access it here if you're a current MinistryLift member

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Panel Discussion on Why People Stop Believing moderated by Dr. Paul Chamberlain 
Dr. Chamberlain and four panelists respond to a series of questions that are raised by audience participants. The panelists include Dan Hare (musician), Chris Price (pastor), Michael Horner (author/speaker), and Chris Christiansen (current MTS student). Purchase the video below or access it here if you're a current MinistryLift member

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Looking for more resources on apologetics? MinistryLift members can also access video recordings from the apologetics and evangelism track from MinistryLift's 2013 Equipping Conference. You can also find outstanding content on the Apologetics Canada website and contact ACTS Seminaries about their Apologetics program


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