Leading Change

Leading people through change is a task that challenges every leader. You might be surrounded by people who love change, but every change initiative presents some obstacles along the way. Leading change is an extensive process that requires planning, execution, and repetition. But when steps are neglected, the process fails to accomplish the vision that first sparked the movement. 

Leading change isn't easy, but it's necessary. This is why MinistryLift has created an accessible way for you to equip yourself to turn your vision into reality. You can access training resources below, contact MinistryLift to discuss training options, or purchase training video to watch at your leisure. You'll also find blog articles related to leading change at the bottom of this page. 

Dr. Randy Wollf has modified John Kotter and Dan Cohen's change model to create 8 steps for leading change that is specific to churches and ministry organizations. This content is divided into two halves that can be delivered as a full day of training or kept as two separate workshops. 

    • Nailing Down a Mission Statement for Your Group in 30 Minutes or Less; Identifying Key Priorities for Your Group  
    • Getting it Done with the 4 Disciplines of Execution

All of this content can be customized to better fit your context and ministry needs. Watch the free video below for an outline of the 8 steps for leading change. You can then choose to purchase individual training videos that unpack and apply each step. Click Add to Cart to purchase one of the training halves ($14.99) or you can purchase the full training ($24.99). If you're a MinistryLift member, you can click here to access these videos for free (members receive immediate access to all of the videos on the MinistryLift website plus free webinars and discounts on future training events. Read more about MinistryLift memberships here or register below). 

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8 Steps to Lead Change in the Church 

Nailing Down a Mission Statement and Identifying Key Priorities  

An appropriate climate is needed before a change initiative can sprout. Increasing urgency and building a guiding team are critical first steps, but the majority of this training is spent on the task of developing the right mission (a feat that Dr. Randy Wollf can teach you to do in as little as 30 minutes). You can contact MinistryLift for more information about this portion of the training, purchase the training videos below (this covers steps 1-3), or access the videos for free if you're a member. You can also download the training workbook which outlines the teaching.  

Purchase training videos for steps 1-3 of "Leading Change"

Getting it Done with the 4 Steps of Execution   

Change initiatives rarely fail because of poor strategies―they fail because of poor execution. If you're serious about implementing change that will last, the preferred choice is to use a method that will consistently keep your team on target. Find out how to develop a culture of accountability and trust that will help your team work together to realize their goals. You can contact MinistryLift for more information about this training, purchase the training videos below (this covers steps steps 4-8), or access the videos for free if you're a member. You can also click here to download the training workbook which outlines the teaching (here's a link to The 4 Disciplines of Execution which applied to a ministry setting in step 5).

Purchase training videos for steps 4-8 of "Leading Change"

Purchase training videos for steps 1-8 of "Leading Change"

MinistryLift bloggers sometimes write about leading change initiatives. Here are some articles that relate to the topic. 

Eight Steps to Lead Change in Your Church - a summary of the 8 steps for leading change
Making Change Stick - a summary of The 4 Disciplines of Execution approach 
Discerning and Implementing Strategic Priorities - a step-by-step process to help you clarify priorities 
Six Steps to Create a Compelling Mission Statement for Your Group - a proven method to help your group develop a dynamic mission statement in less than 30 minutes 
Choosing to Quit - ending or redirecting a ministry is not failure
How to Create Surveys that People Actually Want to Take - how to use a survey that will best serve your needs  
How Monopoly Helps Me Make Better Decisions - how to use "prospective hindsight" to identify threats that pose the biggest challenges to our goals
Ten Principles for Discerning God's Will Together - how a group of people can listen to God before nailing down their decision  

If you're interested in exploring how MinistryLift can help resource you in your change initiative, please click here to start the conversation

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Dr. Randy Wollf is Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Leadership Studies at MB Seminary (Langley, BC campus) and Director of MinistryLift. Randy has also served as a pastor, church planter, church council moderator, and missionary. The leading change training is part of the same curriculum that he uses in his courses.