Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is the art of walking with others through thick and thin. Spiritual care providers (sometimes called chaplains) help people experience God through their presence―they grant people with opportunities to process, grieve, and recover from life's hardships.  

Spiritual care is a defining role of pastors. Members of the clergy are called to shepherd their flocks, no matter where their sheep have wandered. This can sometimes mean they need to help someone through a situation in which they have no personal experience to draw from. The pastors who are trained in spiritual care are better prepared to effectively respond during these times. 

MinistryLift partners with the chaplaincy program at ACTS Seminaries to provide training events and resources. Workshop training videos can be purchased individually or as a collection, but you'll receive the greatest value if you become a MinistryLift member. Active members get immediate access to all of the videos on this page (plus another 160+ on the rest of the MinistryLift site) plus free webinars and discounts on future training events. Read more about MinistryLift Memberships here or subscribe for a membership below. 

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Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD): Walking Pastorally With Those Impacted by it
The Canadian government introduced legislation in 2016 that allows eligible adults to request medical assistance in dying (MAiD). Dr. Gloria Woodland developed a one-day training event to address how pastors, chaplains, counselors, and other caring people can walk with people who are impacted by MAiD. The training includes a history of how this legislation came to be, a presentation from a medical doctor on the approved medical process that ends a patient's life, direction on how to walk pastorally with those impacted by MAiD, and a panel discussion comprised of medical and ministry professionals. You can purchase the training videos below or click on the video link if you're a current member.  

MAiD: An Invitation to a Journey - 15-minute presentation
Dr. Gloria Woodland provides an overview of the history behind the legislation that was introduced by the Canadian government in June, 2016.  
Presentation notes 

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MAiD: Understanding the Medical Process of MAiD - 80-minute presentation 
Dr. Lucinda McQuarrie explains the medical process of MAiD, including the necessary qualifications, how medical professionals are involved, and the procedure that ends a person's life. 
Presentation notes (some content was taken from the Fraser Health website) 

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MAiD: Walking Pastorally - 70-minute presentation
Dr. Gloria Woodland teaches on how chaplains, pastors, and other care-providers can walk with people who are impacted by MAiD. 
Presentation notes 

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MAiD: Panel Discussion / Participant Q & A - 60-minute discussion
A panel of medical and ministry professional respond to questions from workshop participants.  

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Chaplains Connect: Rooted and Abounding in Thanksgiving 
Dr. Gloria Woodland and ACTS Seminaries hosted a one-day equipping event in October 2016 for chaplains. The day featured three plenary speakers and the showing of the award-winning film called "Chaplains: On the Front Lines of Faith" by renowned filmmaker Martin Doblmeier. MinistryLift members can access the three sessions here; non-members can purchase the sessions as a bundled set of resources below. 

-Chaplaincy, Firmly Rooted in History (45-minute presentation) 
Dr. Gloria Woodland reveals the roots of chaplaincy by outlining its history and purpose. 

-Chaplaincy, Firmly Rooted in Theology (50-minute presentation) 
Dr. Brian Cooper (Assistant Professor of Theology, MB Seminary) provides a theological framework for chaplaincy.  

-Chaplaincy, Abounding in Thanksgiving (30-minute presentation)
Dr. Mark Wessner (President, MB Seminary) speaks about the profound impact that chaplaincy has on individuals and the community. 

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Gloria Woodland


Gloria Woodland
, DMin, is Assisant Professor of Chaplaincy Studies and Spiritual Care at MB Seminary (Langley, BC campus) and Chaplaincy Program Director at ACTS Seminaries.