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Timothy Keller has stated, "The relationship of Christians to culture is the singular current crisis point for the church." By and large, limited thought is given to this relationship, which poses tremendous difficulty for the Christian who wishes to engage in cultural activites for the sake of loving others and communicating the message of redemption.  

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Why Canadians Aren't Going To Church  
Why has weekly church attendance in Canada dropped from roughly 50% in 1960 to about 10% now? What social changes explain this drastic decline, why does it matter, and what can church leaders do to reverse this trend? Sam Reimer, PhD, Professor of Sociology at Crandall University, responds to these questions in a 2017 presentation he gave during an event sponsored by the Religion in Canada Institute. Dr. Reimer's presentation is 53-minutes long and is followed by a 25-minute Q/A session. 

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Video Bundle - Equipping 2014 Conference
These training videos are from the Christianity and Culture track from MinistryLift's 2014 Equipping Conference. Please note that some of these recordings are unedited (there may be parts when no one is speaking, etc.) and in some cases the video is not the best quality (whereas the audio is very good). Because the quality is below MinistryLift's current standards, these videos have been bundled together for a reduced price. This four-video bundle includes: 

Video #1 - A Peacemaker's Response to Persecution (Jim Cunningham, EdD)
Video #2 - The "Great Omission" (Bruce Guenther, PhD) 
Video #3 - Building Bridges to the Middle East (Peter Twele, MALing)
Video #4 - Living with the Quiet Revolution (Brian Cooper, PhD)

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