Millennial Adults

The transition from adolescent to adulthood is a challenging one for young adults. This stage is filled with dreams, questions, and a vital exploration of personal faith. How do we disciple millennial adults into the life and leadership of the local church? What does spiritual formation and discipleship look like within a young adult setting? 

Millennials: Listening to their Questions, Dreams and Faith (Dr. Chris Kiesling) 
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The Seven Core Values of Millennials (Geoff Kullman)
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Dr. Chris Kiesling is professor of Human Development and Christian Discipleship at Ashbury Theological Seminary. He is a co-author with David Setran of 
Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood: A Practical Theology for College and Young Adult Ministry; contributor to Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith? and author of many articles on spiritual formation for young adults in academic and clergy journals. 


Geoff Kullman is a pastor, highly sought-after speaker and consultant specializing in faith integration within the Millennial generation. He is also the co-founder and principal creative at Millennial Ministry based in Vancouver, BC.